A Dark Story Behind Kathua Rape and Murder Case of 8-Year-Old Girl

By Younish P, 2018-04-15 11:32:15

To reach Rasana village in Kathua, the home of eight-year-old victim, who was brutally gang raped and murdered last week. The only small house in the heart of dense forest, is now locked. No one seems to know that where the victimís family has gone that belongs to a nomadic Muslim gujjar tribe.

The Investigators told that the accused hates the Muslims Gujjars (Nomadic Grazers) after involving a fight with them. He was kidnapped and allegedly sexually harassed the eight-year-old girl thereafter brutally murdered.

The victimís relative Mohammad Jan, who lives a kilometre from girlís house said that the land is the main cause of the fight between the some Muslim families living in a Hindu dominated area. The bitterness developed last year when the some Hindus demanded over one acre of land back that sold to the Muslims, he said.

Kathua Girl House

When the body of victim was brought here for funeral, some people from the village attacked us. They told to us they will not allow burying the girlís body in local graveyard till they will take back the land, girlís Uncle said.

The Jammu and Kashmir crime branch probably said the motive behind the rape and murder case was to hound the Muslim nomads out from land.

The investigators told that the girl was kept at Devsthan (A place of worship) at Rasana village, they drugged and finally raped the 8-year-old girl. Her body was dumped in a nearby jungle after murdered.

According to investigation team, the main accused of Kathua rape and murder case a 15-year-old boy but for his family and relatives he is a simple boy afraid of the darkness.

Still the boy is in a juvenile home for allegedly kidnapping, raping and killing the 8-year-old girl inside a temple of Rasana village in Kathua. His 62-year-old uncle and 22-year-old cousin are also in jail.

Source: Kaniz.in

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