Eyelashes are freezing in part of Siberia, temperature reached minus 67 degree

By Diksha Goyal, 2018-01-18 07:29:22

It’s so cold in part of Siberia that eyelashes are freezing. In the world’s coldest town Oymyakon permanently-inhabited area, recently temperatures reached minus 62 degrees Celsius and the temperatures reached minus 67 degrees Celsius in the part of Siberian region of Yakutia.

On Sunday, Anastasia Gruzdeva posted the selfie that taken in the city of Yakutsk with caption added "You all know that we have -50 degrees here, right? And yes, we still get out of the house...it's kind of hot actually."

Siberia Eyelashes Freezing

According to Siberia's Ministry of Emergency Situations, a warning announced the cold weather is predicted to continue later this week and also have asked citizens not to use personal vehicles and avoid go long and trips.

Source: Kaniz.in

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