Google All Set To Be A 100 Percent Renewable Energy-Powered Company By The End Of 2017

By Gwyn D'Mello, 2017-10-14 06:42:23

Google has announced that it is doing its part to protect the environment by planning to switch completely to green energy. The company said yesterday, that after a decade of being a carbon-neutral corporation, it’s on track to run entirely on renewable energy by the end of this year.

This is something Google has been working towards for a couple of years now, announcing an end-2017 timeline last year. The idea is to have both its offices and data centres powered only by solar and wind energy.

In its 2017 Environmental Report, Google says it has laid the path for other companies to follow, when it comes to buying green energy, to help the trend gain acceptance at a wider, global level.


“A major consequence of society’s “take-make-waste” economic model is climate change, one of the most significant challenges of our time,” Urs Hölzle, one of Google’s executives said in a blog post for the announcement. “We believe Google can build tools to improve people’s lives while reducing our dependence on natural resources and fossil fuels. And we’re committed to working with others to empower everyone—businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, communities and individuals—to create a more sustainable world.”


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