OnePlus 6 concept design shows bezel-less display and dual front cameras

By Tech2 News Staff , 2017-08-29 06:18:45
The OnePlus 5, which was launched this June, was met with mixed response from the consumers. The phone had some flaws like the Jelly effect on the screen, copying the design language of the iPhone 7 and the company was also caught tweaking the OnePlus 5’s OS to boost performance in benchmarks.
However, the phone fared well in performance and despite the drawbacks was still considered decent. Two months after its release though, has revealed to us the concept design of the next generation OnePlus device.
OnePlus will be launching a device next year and it is rumoured that this new phone is expected to be the OnePlus 5T or the OnePlus 6. The concept design shown to us reveals that this time perhaps the OnePlus may be focusing on providing a bezel-less display like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 or the LG V30.
There is absolutely no bezel on the bottom of the phone while a small amount is present on the top which sees a dual-front camera, which according to the report has a 16 MP resolution, a front-flash and a Retina scanner.
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