RIP Kapil Mohan: The man gave us old monk rum

By Younish P, 2018-01-10 07:51:36

Kapil Mohan, the father of Old Monk rum passed away on Saturday in age of 88 according to reports. The man was the chairperson and managing director of the Mohan Meakin brewery Pvt. Ltd.

Kapil Mohan, who had been ill for sometimes and suffered by cardiac arrest at his Ghaziabad’s residence. He was the man behind major brands like Old Monk, Solan No.1, and Golden Eagle.

The teetotaler, who made strength from other spirits and established a company under his supervision around four decades, one year ago he allowed the executive power to his nephews Hemant and Vinay but he continued as the chairman.

Kapil Mohan Father of Old Monk

The combination of Rum and Coke with spicy snacks and a bonfire to go with is probably one of the most popular things to pass tedious winter nights. Till the mid 2000s, it was the best selling liquor brand across the country, with intensive support from military canteens.

Kapil Mohan was honoured by the Padma Shri in 2010. He lived with his wife and a daughter.


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