Surgeons removed 263 coins, chain, blades, needles found in man stomach

By Diksha Goyal, 2017-11-27 07:28:48

Surgeons in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh recently removed 7 kilogram iron foreign objects like263 coins, chain and shaving blades from the stomach of a man. Doctors treating man with supposed food poisoning were shocked to found 263 coins and hundreds of nails in his stomach.

Mohammed Maqsood 35, who hails from Sohaval in Satna district, was referred to the Sanjay Gandhi Medical College and Hospital next to Rewa on November 18 after he found trouble in stomach. Maqsood is supposed to suffer mental health problems and never discuss with family or friends of his strange eating habits.

On Sunday, Dr. Priyank Sharma who closes to the Sanjay Gandhi Medical College and Hospital said that they recognized the cause behind manís stomach pain after taken an X-ray.

He said a team of six doctors immediately operated and removed around 7kg foreign objects as 10-12 shaving blades, a chain, four big needles, 263 coins, some pieces of glasses from the stomach of Maqsood on Friday.

Doctor said he had feeling difficulty of stomach from six months before he was brought to Rewa. The man is now out of danger and has given your promise to change his eating habit.


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