The Ministry of Defence Finally Approved DRDO Research Center at Sheopur

By Kaniz, 2017-10-28 10:37:20

Sheopur: The Ministry of Defence has cleared the way of opening the research center of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in Jakhda a small village of Baroda Tehsil in Sheopur District has finally cleared. The Ministry of Defence has sanctioned a budget of Rs. 34.75 crores for acquire of 1194 hectares of land in Jakhda village. In the end of this month, this budget of land will be accumulated to the district administration of Sheopur.

It is worth declaring that the DRDO, which is under the Ministry of Defence, chosen the land of the Jakhda to open shortly a Hi-tech research center at Sheopur. The land of Jakhda village has been confirmed by DRDO Delhi and Agra scientists after three levels of inquiries.

The DRDO scientists has preferred and demand for acquiring of 1194.274 hectare land for the research center in Jakhda area was provide to the district administration of Sheopur, but in its place of giving this land to the district administration, the DRDO has given 34,7533734 Rs. as demanded. The DRDO cannot be disbursed such large amount without the permission of the Ministry of Defence.

The DRDO sent a request to the Ministry of Defence of the Government of India almost a year ago. After waiting a long time, before Diwali on 17th October 2017, beneath the Secretary of Research and Department of the Ministry of Defence Harsha Rani has sanctioned the budget of 34,7533734 Rs. for purchasing the land of Jakhda village for DRDO.

DRDO will spend a budget of approximately two thousand crores to develop Hi-tech research center in the land of Jakhda village in Sheopur. The team of three members of DRDO who visited to Sheopur and said they will open a training center near the bunker and balloon unit on the Jakhda village land.

Apart from this, DRDO will also work in the research center to be developed at Sheopur, and will work to improve the balloon at the technological phase, that will be famous in the weather. DRDO also developing army helicopters and provide training to their pilots and improving the old weapons will also be done in this research center.


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