Beauty At Your Fingertips!: Kitchen Remedies for Your Skin & Hair

By Nirmala Shetty

Physical beauty has become so important for people today that they want to look good all the time. A minor damage to skin or hair can lead to mental distress. This book is for people who only trust natural ingredients when it comes to their skin and hair. Dr. Nirmala Shetty’s book unveils the treasures of nature for healthy mind, body, skin and hair.

The book contains easy-to-follow recipes for usual skin and hair problems such as acne, tan, hair fall or premature greying. There are number of tried-and-tested natural home remedies to attain beauty without even having to spend huge amounts of money on beauty parlours.

Using natural ingredients found in the kitchen, such as herbs, fruits and vegetables, the author has unveiled different secrets for flawless skin and luscious hair. For instance, a ‘green pack,’ which is a mixture of margosa, cucumber and mint, is good for controlling acne. On the other hand, ‘beet blend,’ a mixture of beet juice, olive oil and curd, can easily control dandruff.

Not only for females, but the book also contains few remedies for male beauty as well. It includes certain ways to make homemade aftershave lotion using aloe vera, cucumber and tea tree oil. Plus, anti-aging remedies for both males and females are also mentioned in the book. After reading the book, the readers’ beauty will literally be on their fingertips.

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