Healthy Diabetic Cooking (English)

By Tarla Dalal

Good health is a multifaceted aspect, and staying healthy in body and mind involves adopting a lifestyle that balances food, exercise, peace, and such! Undoubtedly, food is a key part of this matrix. It is important that every person understands the do's and the dont's based on their health condition, and enjoys the widest array of nutritious food within the boundaries prescribed for them. This holds true for diabetics too. Unfortunately, most people with diabetes translate ‘staying healthy’ to mean abstinence from all their favourite foods and living on a bare diet - where sweets, traditional treats and international cuisines barely find a place.

While it is important for diabetics to control their diet to maintain a healthy blood glucose level, this certainly does not mean that one should feel guilty at the very thought of exotic food or delicacies from indigenous as well as international cuisine. What's more, to help you to monitor the calorie intake, a crucial aspect of diabetic care, every recipe is supplemented with information regarding its protein, fat and carbohydrate content, the total calories per serving and a suggested serving size, because even ambrosia has to be had only in limited quantities! In certain cases where their presence is indispensable to maintain the authenticity of the recipe, we have used certain ingredients like sugar, rice noodles, potatoes etc, which are usually forbidden for diabetics, but the quantities are highly restricted, and within the recommended amount only.

Make the most of this collection of diabetic-friendly, exotic recipes and whip up a feast on special occasions - for life’s landmarks have to be celebrated, and any celebration is incomplete without good food! Enjoy yourself without any compromises, but also remember that balance is always the key to long-lasting good health!

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